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Let us help you find your groove abroad. NEW HORIZON will help you rediscover who you are, reconnect with your confidence and create deep bonds with a vibrant group of likeminded women.

Do you recognize this?

You left your career, your friends and your family behind so your partner could work abroad.

You envisioned that you would be able to thrive in this beautiful country as well, but in reality you have mainly been focusing on taking care of the kids, and more and more you feel as if there is more, as if you are not fully using all your potential. Whenever people ask you ‘so what do you do?’ you cringe. 

At night, you wonder what is left of that radiant woman you once were. You feel lonely and useless. Your partner is busy at work and you feel that you can’t always share your worries and feelings like you used to. 

Is this what the glamorous expat life feels like?

Yes, you’ve sent in job applications. But everybody knows that it is nearly impossible for expat women to find a job, especially when you aren’t fluent in German or French. And when you are honest, you are not even sure what it is exactly that you would want. 

You have more or less accepted expat life as it is, but deep inside you, you know there is more to life than this.

And when you are honest, you would love to find out what that looks like for you and how you can get there.

Imagine this instead...

When you wake up in the morning, you tingle with excitement about the day to come.

Even though you are far away from your home country, you feel content and confident, and at home in your home-away-from-home.

You are excited to meet new people, and love it when they as what you do, because you're proud of what you've created for yourself and your family in your new home country.

Join NEW HORIZON and see what is possible for you!

NEW HORIZON is an online group coaching program where you get to focus on YOU. Not your family, not your partner, not your children.

It is time for you to take charge of your life and get clear about your future direction: what is really important to you and how can you create a life around what truly matters for you?

NEW HORIZON start in April (dates to be announced soon) with three biweekly two-hour sessions at 20:00 CET.

In between the sessions, you'll be implementing your learnings directly through insightful homework exercises, and will have the continuous support of us and the other women in the group through a WhatsApp group.

All sessions are in English with an intimate group of international women. Everyone with their own unique story, connected through a shared experience of expat life.

You will be guided by Barbara Rijntjes and me,  two seasoned expats, certified coaches, moms-of-two, Dutchies, certified sports instructors (personal trainer, running & yoga), and nature lovers who found their groove in Switzerland. 

After the program...

You will have a clear understanding what you want your life to be like, and what actions you need to take to get there.

You will feel more confident about yourself and your choices, and you will know how to overcome those little inner critic voices in your head that are keeping you away from that. 

And last byt not least, you might end up with a great group of women that will keep on supporting you along the way!

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Are you ready to thrive abroad?

Your investment for three sessions, coaching exercises, and guidance in between the sessions is 295CHF.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is my investment in the program?

Your investment for the three sessions, coaching exercises, and guidance in between the sessions is 295CHF

When do the sessions take place, and what if I miss one?

New Horizon will start in April (dates to be announced).

We can record the session for you if you miss one.

Do I have to be in Switzerland to participate?

No, you don't. The program is online, so as long as the time works for you, you are welcome.

Will the sessions be in English?


And don't worry if you're not a native speaker - we aren't either :)

What are the advantages of a group program?

Group coaching offers a shared experience through community. Instead of working towards your goals by yourself, you have a group of peers who cheer you on and  celebrate your achievements with you, both during the group coaching sessions and in our Whatsapp group. 

You'll not only learn from being coached yourself, but will also gain insights from the process of your peers.

And if you feel like adding an individual coaching session to the group coaching program for a more targeted approach, you can always let us know

How much time does it take to participate?

Besides the biweekly calls, we recommend you to reserve about one hour per week for reflection, journalling, brainstorming etc.

Besides that, your transformation will take place as a part of your regular life. ​

If you have any questions about how the coaching program might fit into your life, contact us.


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