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Remember that Tanja Lau and I started a podcast earlier this year? We just launched episode 7 of Living the Unseen, the podcast in which we explore the role of spirituality in everyday life

I am super proud of the journey that Tanja and I are on, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek into all episodes (of course to entice you to listen to at least one of them):

  • In episode 1, Tanja and I discuss why on earth we started a podcast to talk about a spirituality in everyday life, a topic that felt way too personal to share about publicly.

  • In episode 2, Cristina A. Moraru enlightens us on her mission to normalize the exploration of spirituality as a rational and crucial practice for understanding ourselves, our world, and our place within it.

  • In episode 3, Dr. Kriti Nanda shares how her spirituality shapes her work as a medical doctor, and expands Tanja’s and mine admittedly limited view on what it means to have a guru.

  • In episode 4, we geek out about family constellations with Merel van Vugt, and explore the role of intuition, conscious parenting and alone-time in our lives.

  • In episode 5, CEO and spiritual medium Larissa Hämisegger challenges the notion of needing a separate spiritual routine and inspires us to view every aspect of life as a spiritual practice.

  • In episode 6, Akshay Mahajan shows us the exact opposite - he has a quite disciplined meditation routine and thrives with it.

  • In episode 7, Tanja and Irina lhtadire bravely share their Ayahuasca experiences publicly for the first time, and Irina and I discuss how the internal family systems have revolutionized our self-perception.

We have three more episodes to come before the summer break:

  • In episode 8 (available next week), Remi Ribas talks about breathwork, and what it means to love all parts of yourself.

  • Episode 9 is a big one for me - it’s an intimate exploration with Abi Afolabi where we talk about what it means to grow up in a Christian household (her), or a household without religion (me).

  • And then in episode 10 Tanja and I get to hang out with my favorite yoga teacher and nature nerd from San Francisco, Matt Champoux

Tanja and I are contemplating a special reflection episode on how this first season of Living the Unseen has impacted us. If you have any burning questions or topics you'd like us to cover in that conversation, please let us know!

We cherish your feedback, so if you’ve listened to any of our episodes, do send us a note—we’d love to hear from you .

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