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It’s 7:30PM on a rainy Wednesday and I find myself in a smoky, dark basement.

My body is swaying to the pounding music, and as I look over my shoulder, I am met by the biggest possible smile on my husband’s sweaty face. We’re on the perfect date for two music loving parents - one that allows us to go all-in on the dance floor, and still hit the hay before midnight.

Which reminds me…

I was a terrible teenager. Not to my parents, I like to believe they had a relatively easy time with me. But to my friends. I had a stable relationship from age 14 to age 25. I couldn’t care less about alcohol or drugs. I loved being in bed by 10PM. To sum it up, I was quite boring.

The only way my friends could convince me to go out, was to promise me that I didn’t have to do small talk at the bar, and had permission to just dance. I would dance for hours, only stopping for a quick sip of water or a power nap (yup, I have napped in clubs countless times).

I thought I was the anomaly back then, but I am slowly learning that as much as I would like to be a unique little flower, I’m never alone with my odd preferences.

And what’s more, years of entrepreneurship have taught me that embracing my quirks and turning them into offers and events is actually the best way I know to find my fellow weirdos.

So if you recognize yourself in my little story, I have some amazing news for you: together with my friends Nele Clüver and Julie Blume, I am organizing JUST DANCE on Friday June 28th, a dance party without the fuzz where you can show up in whatever outfit you like (yoga pants to full gala to your favorite 80s popstar’s outfit), dance your butt off without worrying if your moves look cool or sexy, and be back in bed before midnight (if you want to - full permission to hit Zurich after our party).

Hope to see you there, and let me know which Spice Girl you believe I should dress up as (I was usually Sporty, but am open for suggestions).

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