• Arjanna van der Plas


If money was a person, how would you relate to it?

Would you get all excited when Money knocks on your door to hang out with you?

Do you trust that Money will take care of you when you need it?

Do you love playing with it, dancing with it, fooling around with it?

Or is Money like that awkward uncle that you try to avoid at birthday parties?

I have been reading a lot about money and investing lately (this is my favorite book so far), and in one of the books I read there was an exercise to write a letter to money as if it was a person.

And even though I’ve been working on improving my relationship with money for over almost two years now, my letter to money showed me that I still have some work to do.

For me, money is something that I trust will always be there for me, but I somehow really don’t like to look at it. I have to force myself to look at my bank account every now and then, and even though I know I’ve had quite a good year business wise, I couldn’t tell you how much money I’ve made exactly, or what my best month of 2022 was so far, or how much my clients still owe me.

If money were a person, I would be afraid to look it in the eyes.

If you are reading this and you are a coach or therapist (or my mom or dad), I would love to hear your theories on what my avoidance is all about ;)

And I am even more curious about your relationship with money. What would you write in your letter to money? Do you have any intentions to change your relationship with it? Let me know!

If you want to talk money with me some more, I would love for you to join our next WOMEN’S HUB love session with Clara Creitz on November 16, 8PM CET on Zoom, titled ‘Money, a love story’❤️🤑

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