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Do you know the number 1 way people find out about new podcasts? It’s recommendations from people they like and trust. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites (hoping that you like and trust me😬). Podcasts I binge On rehumanizing the way we work I found a kindred spirit in Barbara Rijntjes, as we share a mission to rehumanize the way we work - or as she calls it to bring heart and soul in business life. In her podcast, Barbara interviews soulful leaders who dare to make hard choices. My favorite episode is the one with Hitendra Wadhwa, where they talk about discovering your inner core and aligning your success in the outer world with it. I also love this episode on Gen Y, and this interview with a former Airforce pilot. On infertility (not just relevant for people going through this) Infertility and us is a beautifully intimate podcast that was recently created by Ella Stadler-Stuart. It explores the real and raw stories of humans navigating their infertility like Ella is herself. I’ve been lucky enough not to struggle with this topic myself, but I still find myself opening and reopening Spotify to see if there are new episodes, as I am learning so much from these quiet, gentle conversations about the complexities of infertility, and how it impacts relationships, health and well, everything. On pretty much everything, with a host that’s breaking all the podcasting rules This famous podcast has the worst jingle and most horrible artwork on the planet, and Tim Ferriss has the most chaotic interview style - and yet I love all of it. The brilliant people he invites (although he could work on the diversity of his speakers a bit😏), the spaciousness of the episodes (some are three hours long), but most of all his eagerness to learn and evolve, and the moments he is sharing his personal journey. I especially love the episodes with Brene Brown, Esther Perel Dick Schwarz and Jack Kornfield (might have to do with the fact that they are all into personal development😇) Podcasts I really really want to like We can do hard things

I didn’t know this about myself until I became a podcast person, but I am really picky about voices. And as much as I love Glennon Doyle’s groundbreaking work in ‘untaming’ women, I can’t stand her (and her sister’s) voice 🙈 If you are less neurotic than me and want to live a little bit lighter and braver, go listen - the topics are brilliant, the guests are brilliant, and the conversations are often hilarious. I am your Korean Mom

I love everything Simone Seol (aka your Korean Mom) writes about shame, decolonization, life and marketing, but same problem: can’t listen to her voice… Huberman Lab

I think Andrew Huberman is a genius, and I love the idea of his extremely well-researched podcast that discusses science and science-based tools for everyday life. I learned a ton about the science of sleep, depression and learning from it, to name a few topics. But his podcast is SO damn dry, and so humorless, and so information-dense that it is really hard to listen to for me. My hack? Listening in the car with my husband (if the kids let us), who is equally obsessed with neuroscience and less judgmental of how information is presented 😇 What are your favorite podcasts and why? And what makes a podcast fun or hard to listen to for you? I’d love to hear from you! Sign up for my semi biweekly two-minute treat emails here to receive my next story in your inbox!

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