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A vivid memory I have from my childhood is the huge crate filled with books that we would tote around on any vacation. My mom, dad and me would read books for hours, much to the disappointment of my adventurous, sporty sister (sorry, Ti). I will say the first years of motherhood made it challenging to read as much as I used to, but when I look at my Kindle, it looks like for the first time in years, I am back in the reading game.

Here’s what my Kindle revealed to me:

I have a crush on Brene Brown.I devoured Atlas of the Heart, and then because I loved that so much, reread Dare to Lead (and maaaaybe also rewatched her Netflix documentary). I find myself talking to Brene in my head about leadership, the power of vulnerability and the intricate language of emotions like she is my invisible friend. I love you Brene, one day you will find out about our friendship!

I also have a crush on Simone Seol. Simone is probably the most unconventional marketing guru’s out there. She wrote the Fearless Marketing bible, which I read twice because it’s a really fun read, and because she is teaching “how to create clients by being your authentic self, loving others, and making the world a better place“, which sounds like a dream to me.

I am desperately trying to have a crush on money. I read four books about money this year, from very different authors. This one, about the psychology of money which I loved, this more self-helpy one that I also enjoyed, this one, that I honestly can’t remember anything from, and this one about investing, that really helped me stay chill about our investment strategy while the world is all over the place. Do I have a crush on money now? Erhm, still a work in progress I’d say…

I will forever be fascinated by death.Isn’t it funny how we are so afraid of death, while it’s going to happen to all of us? That’s why I was so excited that Pema Chodron, a.k.a. a brilliant American Buddhist monk that writes very accessible books about complicated topics, published ‘How We Live Is How We Die’. I will admit, I’ve started and stopped and started and stopped reading it - and recently started again.

I believe we all have multiple personality disorder - except that it’s not a disorder. After listening to this podcast about Internal Family Systems (IFS), an evidence-based model of psychotherapy that combines systems thinking with the view that the mind is made up of relatively discrete subpersonalities, each with its own unique viewpoint and qualities, I was hooked. It just makes so much sense to think of ourselves this way. So I decided to dive in deeper and read the book, and loved it. One day I want to do the IFS training, but I didn’t get in yet as it’s so wildly popular. Fingers crossed!

I am reading German for fun. Die sieben Schwestern, Vom Ende der Einsamkeit and some other lighter reads. I love that I can do this now without much effort!

And there was more…

I’ve been rereading more of Pemma Chodron’s and other’s brilliant books, finally read Atomic Habits (brilliant), and most recently finished Inner Mastery, Outer Impact (very aligned with his view). And I am ready for more! Do you have any favorite books that you believe I would enjoy reading? Let me know!

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