• Arjanna van der Plas


Do you also have a weird collection of post-its and digital notes to keep track of cool things, and then when someone asks you for that one book that you were reading, it’s impossible to find the title?

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to set up a system to help me keep track of the awesome things in life. I am very proud that it’s only April of this weird year, and I think I’ve found a solution!

I am going to write a biweekly 2-minute read with 5 (or so) things that I’ve been learning, loving and reading.

I imagine it will be a mix of practical tools for self development, personal anecdotes, people I admire, book suggestions, and the occasional 90’s hit song (my apologies in advance for the latter).

If you’d like to stay in the loop (you can unsubscribe anytime and I won’t hate you for it, pinky promise), sign up here.

Here’s a taster of the kind of stuff that currently lives on my post-it notes: What I’m watching: My Octopus Teacher. I watched this documentary twice in one week. Today described it as ’the antidote to our pandemic year’, and it is.

Continue reading here, and sign up for my biweekly two-minute treat here!

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