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I know that if I tell you what I did on Tuesday, some of you will go ‘good for you girrrrrl’, while most of you will probably wonder why on earth I did this to myself.

Want to know what it was?

A photoshoot with the incredible Erna. Yes, I paid her money to be in front of her camera for 2,5 hours🤯

And yes, I absolutely enjoyed it, because through her lens, she made me realize how much

I’ve grown on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

I felt celebrated, seen and proud of myself.

I will of course be sharing the pictures soon. Want a sneak peek? Send me a note!

Here’s what else I wanted to share with you today:


Do you realize that we humans are the only species that blush, and it actually helps us trust and collaborate better? Check out this book if you want to know more about that.

Recently, my German teacher pointed out that she thought it was lovely that someone as confident as me blushed when I mess up my German grammar. And she made me realize that even though I’ve been a lifelong blusher, my relationship to my flushed cheeks has changed dramatically.

Continue reading here, and sign up for my biweekly two-minute treat here!

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