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I am writing this on the train, feeling a ball of nervousness in my stomach. Tomorrow, I am going to be on the WOMEN’S HUB stage in Munich, for my first ever talk in German 😱

I actually love being on stage, and I am a sucker for sharing personal stories. Yet speaking German and talking about emotional topics seems to short circuit my brain. Therefore, a huge part of me wants to hide under a blanket and wait until the WOMEN’S HUB DAY is over. Luckily there’s the other part of me that can already see how empowering it’s going to be to do this talk for the most loving audience imaginable, and how doing this will open doors for me to do more work in German - which, when you happen to live in Switzerland, creates a whole new world of opportunities 🤩

As I am sitting here with my sweaty palms, I would love to hear from you. Where and when did you recently get out of your comfort zone, and what was the effect (please tell me it was positive😅)?

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