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"But isn't focusing on your strengths instead of fixing your weaknesses just an excuse for staying inside of your comfort zone?"🤔 That's a question my partner in crime Nele Clüver and I get all the time when we are leading workshops about the strengths-based approach. Remember my last post, in which I shared exactly how nervous I was about sharing a very personal story on the WOMEN'S HUB stage in Munich AUF DEUTSCH? 😱 Well, I survived 💪🏾

Would I have passed the Goethe C1 Prüfung with my talk? Hell no 😂 Was I using my super powers to connect with the audience, so that my limited German vocabulary wasn't perceived as a weakness anymore? Totally🤩 Point proven? ✅ I hope so😅 And I have another point I want to prove with this email (I guess I am in preachy mode - but bear with me, it’s a good one). What really carried me through the whole endeavor, was the flood of supporting messages I received from all of you💌 If you know me a little, you know it doesn’t exactly come naturally to me to ‘burden’ others with my worries and insecurities. Yet, maybe inspired by the ‘rise by lifting others’ quote that we love to use in the WOMEN’S HUB community, I decided to share about my nervousness with you, right in the moment when I was experiencing it most. So even though I was the one who had to do the talk, your encouraging words still echoed in my mind, as if I had a little cheerleading squat with me on the stage🤸🏻‍♀️👏🫶. And it made all the difference. Where in your life could you use some encouragement? Let me know, and I will send you a little personalized cheerleading chant 🤗

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